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tooth colored filings portland
Now before you get defensive and start listing off the best Metallica songs of all time – we’re not talking about that kind of metal (head bang on, my friend). We’re talking about the metal that goes (or shouldn’t go) in your mouth.

In the past, the only way we could fill cavities and stop decay was with metal fillings that used toxic mercury, and were unstable with changes in temperature. Thankfully, with advances in modern materials science, today we use a safe, durable, and natural looking tooth colored resin to fill cavities without the potential health risks and glaring metal reminder of dental work.

Tooth Decay 101

Before we go into the benefits of tooth colored fillings, we feel it’s important to educate our patients on how and why tooth decay happens in the first place. After all, prevention really is the best medicine.

Tooth decay, or dental caries is the #1 chronic childhood disease in America. Left untreated, tooth decay can contribute to malnourishment, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and developmental problems. But tooth decay is not limited to children – it can affect adults too.

The truth is, some people are just more prone to tooth decay than others. Things like genetic predisposition and pH balance can increase your risk, but the largest contributing factors to tooth decay are your diet and oral hygiene. Diets high in sugar and carbohydrates are at the highest risk.

Sugar and food particles that are allowed to remain on the teeth are quickly broken down by your saliva and turned into the acid that causes decay. To minimize your risk for decay, you should eat a healthy, balanced diet, and be sure to brush and floss regularly, especially after eating or drinking.

Benefits of Tooth Colored Fillings

There are many benefits to tooth colored fillings versus traditional metal fillings, including:

  • No more unsightly metal
  • Blend in seamlessly with natural teeth
  • Safer without the use of toxic mercury
  • Won’t expand & contract with temperature changes like metal
  • Stop & prevent further decay

Call your Portland Dentist today!

If you’re ready to say no to metal and discover the difference of tooth colored fillings, you’ve come to the right place! If you have any questions about tooth colored fillings, or would like to schedule an appointment with your Portland dentist – Dr. David Case at Family Dental Health – give us a call today at (503) 977-3400.

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